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Service and Pricing

Creating memorable, magical experiences and making beautiful, welcoming spaces for our night time adventures - that's what we love to do.
  • Generally, with a small crew, we set up the installation and organise the space over the day before the event. For the best environment for your guests, we highly recommend that you provide as much seating as possible (from hay bales to benching). Fire braziers are also a lovely addition.
  • The shows can start at nightfall and carry on into the small hours.
  •  Supervised attendance (for safety) is assured during performance times.
  • After the event everything is tidied and returned to the original state.
       What we bring:
  • A professional crew.
  • The Fountain set-up with a small DJ / Control booth.
  • A high quality sound system.
  • Optional Headsets - 20 to 100 quality (Silent Disco) headsets can be hired for your event - for a very special experience.
  • Decoration, lighting, the music, experience and a great fun-loving positive attitude.
        What we would like from you:
  • Some acoustic separation from other music.
  • Minimum 15 m wide reasonably level space.
  • Access to (200 Gallons) of clean water within 50m.
  • Mains power (but we can run on batteries if needed).
  • Reasonably close vehicular access.
  • Seating for 40+ people.
  • Stewarding for large events.
All equipment safety tested before every event
and Public Liability Insurance is incorporated.

As situations are so varible, please contact for a quote.
As a guide: we will be equivalent to a decent
... but we go a
ll night ...

Two nights is only 50% extra
Short notice bookings often available.
Call Alexis anytime for a chat.

07961 101766
ALEXIS RICHTER LOGO- blue and gold red ball_edited_edited.png
ALEXIS RICHTER LOGO- blue and gold red ball_edited_edited.png

Bringing magic to any event!

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