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We love creating memorable magical experiences
and making a beautiful welcoming space
for our
night time adventures together.
For Festivals, Music Events, Weddings, Private Parties,
Corporate Events, Light Shows, Anniversaries,
Alternative Firework Displays

or for any general night time celebrations:

We will create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Sandra Polo - El Dorado -1769-Mejorado-NRLOW RES.jpg
Eldorado Festival 2023
Shambala Festival 2023

Reliable Event Excellence

Since 2016, we've delivered over 200 night shows at over 70 diverse locations,
and developed a unique performance style that takes you on thrilling
musical adventures spanning a wide range of genres. ​
You may well have seen us at renowned festivals like
Glastonbury, Boomtown, Latitude, Eldorado, Secret Garden Party, and Shambala,
where we enthralled audiences with our dynamic shows, dedicated kids' hours,
and exciting experimental collaborations.
We also love to perform at private parties where we curate
intimate evenings taylored to the occasion.



You will step into a truly unique synesthetic realm,
where water, light, color, and music entwine in a captivating live water dance.
The enchanting performance of The Dancing Fountain casts a spell on all who witness it,
drawing them into her hypnotic embrace.
Lovingly developed by the creator and Ki
netic Artist, Alexis Richter,
you will witness a unique water dance that holds your gaze in rapt attention
and you will listen intensely as The Dancing Fountain beguiles you
with her choreography to the music.

Another feature that distinguishes us is the spontaneity of our performances.
There is no pre-programming involved; instead,
each track of music and every show unfolds live,

making every night a unique event.


Audience Participation

We love spontaneity and encourage audience members to connect directly with The Fountain
singing, playing instruments, or drumming. This lively interaction adds
a completely new dimension to an evening, earning tremendous appreciation from the crowd.

For as you realise that The Dancing Fountain is essentially a visual instrument itself...

the possibilities become endless.

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