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The Enchanted Woods at Shambala Festival 2023
Shambala Festival 2023
Closing Night at Eldorado Festival 2023
Eldorado Festival 2023
Free Event in St george Park, Bristol, 2023
St George Park,  Bristol 2023
In the Enchanted Woods at Shambala Festival 2023
Shambala Festival 2023

Experience the enchantment of our unique magic at your event
with the One and Only

"The Dancing Fountain"
a mobile masterpiece that is perhaps
the most beautiful interactive fountain on the planet.
Conceived and meticulously crafted by Kinetic Artist, Alexis Richter,

our shows are a testament to years of dedication,
promising to fill your event with joy and wonderment.

Discover the epitome of water artistry with The Dancing Fountain, a marvel of interactive fluid expression. This live liquid ballet takes center stage, and without any pre-programming, magically choreographs the rhythms and emotions of music.
Hosted by The Dancing Fountain Company, we offer a truly unparalleled night time spectacle for any occasion and at any location. Our masterful Fountain DJs curate live shows featuring a diverse range of music genres, leading your audience of 50 or 500 on unforgettable and immersive musical journeys throughout the night.

Are you looking for an incredible sensory experience?
Do you want to see the drama of music
played out LIVE - right before your eyes?

Elevate your event - call or message Alexis.
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What people have said...
"... this liquid ballet should be on a stage! "

“ I never want to see anything else again....”

​"Crazily beautiful - videos do not give it justice"

“Such a vivid representation of my emotions to the music”

" I think I just had a religious experience..."

"... Absolutely joyous. Thank you."

"... it's really rather sexy"

"The Fountain was a triumph - Thank you"

Organiser of GIVE! Festival 2021

"This was our favourite stage at the festival"

a Secret Garden Party posse, 2022

"One of the best shows here... We couldn't leave"

Shambala Festival 2023

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